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Episode 53

Bec Douros

In today’s episode, I interview Bec Douros. After getting engaged quite young at 21 and married at age 23, Bec knew she wanted to try for a baby right away. With a history of Endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, Bec journey into motherhood was long and challenging. After four years of actively trying to conceive and after several miscarriages Bec fell pregnant with her first son Archie. She suffered from debilitating morning sickness throughout Archie’s pregnancy which required her to be hospitalized on more than one occasion. Thankfully this sickness passed at about 20 weeks.

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Bec was seeing a private obstetrician through the Epworth Hosptial in Melbourne and she undertook the hospital offered birthing classes. She said she went into the birth hoping for a natural delivery however she was open to seeing how it went on the day. Bec went over on her dates and she was booked in to be induced however she went into labour naturally the morning of her scheduled induction.  Making her way to the hospital at 8 am, Bec laboured all day with help of Gas and Air and her TENS machine. When she was checked and confirmed to be 8cm’s dilated, she started to have intense back pain.  Archie was in a  posterior position and despite efforts to turn him they couldn’t. It was at that moment that Bec started bleeding profusely and both her and Archies heart rates suddenly dropped.  Bec explains that it got very intense very quickly and after 18hrs of labour she was rushed away for an emergency caesarean.

To hear the rest of Archie’s birth in more detail and Bec pregnancy and birth of her second son Lenny, tune into this weeks episode of the show.

Topics Discussed

Elective caesarean, Emergency caesarean

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