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Episode 465

Georgie – vaginal birth, pre-eclampsia, induction

In episode 265 Georgie shares with us the birth of her first child Sadie. Georgie lives in Gunning in rural NSW and went through the local public hospital for her care. Georgie was having her blood pressure carefully monitored throughout her pregnancy however, it wasn't until after Sadie was born that she became very sick with pre-eclampsia.

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Georgie was admitted to ICU after giving birth, where she was put on medications to manage her high blood pressure and prevent eclampsia. She was unable to breastfeed and had to pump and dump her milk. Despite feeling acutely ill, her husband and baby stayed with her as boarders in the hospital, and she took care of her baby while in the ICU.

Georgie shares her harrowing experience of vision changes during her stay in ICU, where she feared losing her sight and had to seek immediate medical help. Georgie then opened up about the difficulties she faced with breastfeeding, such as nipple trauma and her baby’s preference for formula and fast flow, which led to the transition to bottle feeding.

Topics Discussed

breastfeeding and mixed feeding, Induction, Pre-eclampsia, Vaginal birth

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