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Episode 458

Jodi | Postpartum – four babies, MGP, postpartum book

You’re going to love this episode with Jodi; mother of four, yoga teacher, postpartum doula and co-author of The Complete Australian Guide to Pregnancy and Birth.

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Jodi and I chat all about our postpartum book – what we’ve learnt, the confronting reality of the lack of health services, and how she has reflected on her own postpartum experiences with newfound knowledge and awareness. It’s an emotional and informative episode where we discuss how much the health system has changed in the past 16 years, the far-reaching benefits of adequate support, being a young mum, the brain changes in pregnancy and the uncertainty and not-knowing of postpartum. If you want to listen to Jodi’s first episode, where she details her four very different vaginal birth experiences and breathing and sound practises for labour, tune into episode 163.

Jodi discusses:

  • Sound in labour
  • Extended public hospital stay
  • Breastfeeding guidance and support
  • Support as the answer to every postpartum challenge
  • Being a young mum
  • LEAPP guidelines
  • Australia’s maternity services budget
  • Neuroscience
  • Identity shift

Jodi’s substack –

Topics Discussed

Breastfeeding, Four babies, identity shift, MGP, planned postpartum, postpartum book, Public hospital

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