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Episode 163

Jodi Wilson

In today’s episode, I interview Jodi Wilson. Jodi shares the pregnancies and births of her four children.  As a yoga teacher and childbirth educator, Jodi brings a beautiful perspective to her interview. She even shares some breathing techniques and tools she used in her births. Whilst each of Jodi’s births was drug-free and under the care of midwives, they were all quite unique in their own way.  Her third and most challenging birth almost ended in an emergency caesarean section and this traumatic experience left her quite anxious going into her fourth birth. To hear more about Jodi’s experiences tune into this week’s show.

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Image by Lamb Loves Fox

Jodi is a beautiful writer who has written detailed accounts of her birth on her blog Practising Simplicity. Jodi’s new book Practising Simplicity which details her family’s journey around Australia is available now for pre-order HERE

Topics Discussed

Yoga Teacher, Birth educator, Four births

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