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Episode 457

Tylah – Home birth, Alice Springs, jaundice, breastfeeding challenges

In today’s episode, Tylah shares her experience as a midwife alongside her first pregnancy and birth. Tylah had spent many years supporting women in pregnancy and labour so she had plenty of time to consider what she wanted for her own birth experience. She knew from the outset that she wanted a homebirth but her partner, a doctor, took some convincing. Tylah admits that pregnancy was humbling from the start and the persistent challenge of unexplained rib pain encouraged her to surrender from early on. She takes us step by step through her homebirth preparation including hiring a private midwife, planning a water birth and the shock of an unexpected but necessary NICU stay.

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In this interview Tylah also shares:

  • Pregnancy fatigue
  • Unexplained rib pain
  • Hiring a midwife
  • Preparing for home birth
  • Water birth
  • NICU stay
  • Breastfeeding challenges, lip and buckle ties.

Topics Discussed

Alice Springs, Breastfeeding challenges, Home birth, Jaundice, Midwife

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