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Episode 134

Jayde Couldwell

In today’s episode, I interview Jayde Couldwell. Jayde shares her pregnancy and childbirth experiences with all three of her girls. Jayde suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum in all three of her pregnancies. Jayde had her second daughter through Tweed hospital and decided to have her third daughter there as well. After Yumi’s birth, Jayde started to experience heightened anxiety and mood swings. She went to her GP and explained her feelings; however it wasn’t until she went away with friends for the weekend that things escalated. Jayde suffered a series of panic attacks which lead her to ask her friends to take her to the Emergency Room. Jadye was diagnosed with acute anxiety and postal depression. She takes us through her journey and how she sought help to move through this challenging period.

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Topics Discussed

Postnatal anxiety and depression, HG, Three births


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Today’s episode is also sponsored by Hilary Walker Birth Photography. Hilary is my sister, so this will be a bit biased. It is Hilary’s goal to document births discretely and unobtrusively, recording all the details as the day or night unfolds. Many people that contact Hilary are unsure about adding another person into the birthing space. In her experience (and mine too) mothers have barely noticed she’s in the room as they’re so much in the zone, and partners have been grateful for the added support of another friendly face. She has over 15 years experience working as a photographer. She really knows what she’s doing with a camera! I love my photos and am so glad I have such a wonderful record of one of the best and most amazing things I’ve ever done! Have a look at Hilary’s galleries at or on Instagram @hilarywalkerbirthphotography

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