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Perineal massage


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  • How to do a perineal massage?

    Performing perineal massage is simple but it’s best to be prepared and follow a guide. Perineal massage during pregnancy is beneficial for reducing perineal trauma during a vaginal delivery.

  • How effective is perineal massage?

    Perineal massage during pregnancy is effective for reducing the risk of tearing and perineal trauma during the birth of your baby. You use your index fingers in a side to side motion to gently stretch the vaginal opening. It’s best to use a natural oil to perform the massage but it should never be done if you have a vaginal infection. It’s common to feel a slight burning or burning sensation but it should not cause pain or severe discomfort.

  • Can perineal massage induce labour?

    It’s unlikely to induce labour but if you notice contractions during or after performing perineal massage it’s best to stop and contact your midwife or doctor.