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  • What is mastitis?

    Mastitis is inflammation of the breast tissue caused by blocked milk ducts. It’s incredibly painful and can cause fever and infection. You should continue to breastfeed, massage the affected breast and let your milk flow to release the blocked duct.

  • What causes mastitis?

    Bacteria can enter the breast via cracked nipples or pressure on the breast can create a blocked milk duct.

  • How long does mastitis last?

    It may only last for 24 hours if you treat it quickly but you make need to be prescribed antibiotics to

  • Can you prevent mastitis?

    If you have recurring blocked ducts and you’re regularly developing mastitis it’s recommended that you seek advice from a lactation consultant.

  • What does mastitis look like?

    The affected breast will be red and hot and you’ll feel a hard bump in the breast tissue, this is the plugged duct. This sore area will require massage, cold cabbage leaves or a heat pack and loose clothing.

  • Can you breastfeed if you have mastitis?

    You should continue to breastfeed from the affected breast even though the blocked duct will be painful.

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