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Confident birth experience


Let's look at exactly what's inside your freebie.

  • How can I have a positive birth experience?

    A positive birth experience is possible when you prepare you body and your mind by staying active, listening to birthing stories, embracing breathing techniques, repeating birth affirmations, understanding your pain relief options and keeping an open mind. Being informed about the birth process is essential for you and your birth partner so you can write a birth plan and embrace the birth process.

  • When does the baby settle into the birth position?

    Your baby can move position right up till the birth process. The best way to get your baby into an ideal birthing position and prepare your body is by staying active in pregnancy.

  • What is the best position to give birth?

    Staying active is a great way to prepare your body for a positive birth experience. Staying upright or being on all fours allows your body to work with gravity which can ease labour pain and assist with cervical dilation.