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Episode 77

Emm Engelman

In today’s episode, I interview Emma Engelman. Em started trying to conceive shortly after getting married at the age of 23. With no friends who had had kids or were trying to conceive she felt she had very little understanding of menstral cycles or tips or tricks in trying to conceive. She had been on the pill Depo-Provera for 3 years and hadn’t had a period during that time. After a year of trying and being unsuccessful, Emm saw an obstetrician who prescribed Clomid. She went on Clomid for 5 months to try and regulate her cycles. She found the hormonal surges and other side effects very challenging. She decided to come off the drugs and try naturally again. Her husband who is a little bit spiritual said: “We need to visualize the baby coming and prepare a nursery”.  So Emm went and bought a fancy nappy bag and pram and found out she had conceived her first child naturally shortly after.

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To hear more about Emm’s first pregnancy in which she got both Pancreatitis and kidney stones, tune into this weeks show.

Topics Discussed

Natural conception, Kidney stones, Pancreatitis, IVF

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