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Episode 73

Emma Isaacs

In today’s episode, I interview Emma Isaacs. Emma takes us through her five home water births with a private midwife. It wasn’t until Emma was 32 weeks in her first pregnancy that she decided she’s like have a home birth. She found it quite challenging to find a private midwife who would take her on so late in her pregnancy, particularly as it was her first birth. 

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Image by Jerusha Sutton

until 30 weeks, Emma was terrified of childbirth. Her mum started a ritual that they’d blow out their birthday candles and then she would tell their birth story in great detail including having 32 stitches. She knew she needed to change that narrative for herself ignorer to go into her own births with a more positive mindset. She read every book available, she went to Calm Birth and she did a course through Marie Burrows (from Birthing Rites Australia ) Her first birth was a water birth at home, the most empowering experience of her life.

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To find out more about Emma’s Book Winging it click here: Winging It

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