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In today’s episode, I interview Kara. Kyal and Kara have been together since they were both 16 years old. Kara explains that while Kyal was ready to have kids for quite a while, she just didn’t feel quite ready. She woke up one day and out of the blue she just felt a sense of readiness. She fell pregnant straight away more or less and began to feel nauseous quite early on this lasted until she was 16 weeks. They decided to go through the Private system despite their private health not covering them yet. They booked into a new clinic with Dr. Peta Skilbeck. For the last few weeks, Kara felt she was going to go early. She found those days dragged. She tried everything, walking stairs, castor oil, and acupuncture. To hear more about Kara’s births tune into this weeks show.

Topics Discussed

Two vaginal hypnobirths

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