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Episode 62

Lacey Barratt

In this weeks episode, I interview mother, Doula and Birth Photographer Lacey Barratt. Lacey fell pregnant quite unexpectedly at the age of 22 whilst backpacking in Darwin. Lacey describes herself as feeling violently ill and was throwing up multiple times a day throughout her first pregnancy. Lacey connected with her local GP and she delivered through the birth center in Darwin. Lacey was unsure of what was deemed ‘normal’ for morning sickness however she was concerned about her weight and she felt very run down and dehydrated. Lacey delivered her first baby at 41 and a half weeks after days of prodromal labour with a posterior baby.

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Image by Angela Gallo

There is a just 15mths difference in age between Lacey’s first and second children so it came as quite a surprise when she fell pregnant second time around.  To hear how Lacey went on to have a home birth and private midwifery care in her subsequent births tune into this week’s show.

Topics Discussed

Birth photographer, Doula, Four birth stories

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