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Episode 61

Anna McGahan

In this weeks episode, I interview Anna. Anna fell pregnant just six weeks after getting married catching both her and her partner by surprise.  Despite having a couple of scares early on in her pregnancy with a car accident at 5 weeks and a small bleed after a fall in a recreational sports game, Anna said she had a beautiful pregnancy. She had read books such as Birth Skills by Juju Sundin and she was preparing for a drug-free natural delivery through the Mercy Public Hospital in Melbourne.

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At 32 weeks Anna started to have a very strange feeling she would have her little girl early. She read two accounts of women who had had babies at 33 weeks on an online forum she was part of. One woman and had delivered a healthy prem baby and the other had a stillborn. This tragic loss really rocked Anna during her pregnancy.

To hear more of Anna’s story tune into this week’s show.


Topics Discussed

33 Week premature emergency caesarean delivery

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