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Episode 403

Postpartum Care Options + Costs

Breastfeeding and sleep concerns are common in early parenthood but unfortunately, many GP’s aren’t qualified to support you through these challenges. So where do you go for professional advice? In this episode, Dr Eliza Hannam discusses her early motherhood experiences alongside her role as a GP, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Neuroprotective Development Care practitioner. What does all this mean? She’s the gold standard when it comes to perinatal care. Eliza explains how she supports new parents, the rebates available for allied health services including mental health plans, and how you can access free breastfeeding support.

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Eliza discusses:

  • her personal struggles in early motherhood
  • IBCLC and NDC practitioner credentials 
  • the 6-week mother/baby check
  • breastfeeding challenges 
  • breastfeeding support options + costs 
  • women’s health physio options + costs
  • how to access a mental health plan 
  • baby sleep – what’s normal and expected
  • sleep and its connection to mental health 
  • normalising cosleeping and contact napping

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