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Episode 32

Marcia Leone

In Today’s episode, I interview Marcia Leone from Not So Mumsy the Label. Marcia takes us through her two pregnancies and births with both Archie and Poppy. Marcia also discusses the two difficult miscarriages she had in between having Archie and Poppy and discusses the challenges of having unexpected secondary infertility.

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After undergoing a cleanse with her Naturopath, Marcia was able to regulate her cycles and fall pregnant quite quickly with Archie. Marcia took a weekend couples Calmbirth course to prepare for the labour which she felt really helped to ease her anxiety and get her ready for labour. At 39 weeks and 5 days, Marcia got up in the night to discover she lost her mucus plug after some light cramping. As she had tested positive to group B Step, her obstetrician recommended she come in to begin her antibiotic treatment. After having her waters broken to help progress her labour, Marcia went on to have an induction, epidural and episiotomy to assist the delivery of little Archie.

Several hours after delivery the midwives were monitoring Archie whilst Marcia had a rest and they noticed he had spewed up some bright green bile. Archie was immediately taken away for surgery to have his malrotated bowel corrected. This was a completely unexpected condition and left Marcia and her partner shell-shocked. After one intensive month in the hospital, Archie was discharged. Marcia pumped around the clock during this time and established a fantastic supply. She was able to go on to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with Archie despite his severe reflux.

Topics Discussed

PCOS, Hypnosis, Calmbirth, Spontaneous miscarriage, DNC, Malrotated bowel, Special care nursery, Secondary infertility, Dengue Fever, Group B strep, Induction, NICU, IVF, Epidural


To connect with Marcia and her blog and label, Not So Mumsy.

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