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Episode 30

Amelia Lamonte

In today’s episode, I interview Amelia Lamont, a Midwife and Sleep Consultant. Amelia shares the story of her son Alfie and daughter Essie’s pregnancies and births. After suffering two early miscarriages, Amelia fell pregnant with Alfie and had a relatively easy pregnancy up until 20 weeks when she started to experience an irritable uterus. This involved the uterus contracting regularly in a similar way to Braxton Hicks, with no cervical change. By 30 weeks these contractions became more regular and Amelia was advised by her obstetrician to stop working and rest until the baby was due to arrive. At 40 weeks Amelia went to see her obstetrician again as she hadn't been gaining any weight and they wanted to ensure the baby was still growing correctly. It was discovered at this appointment that Amelia had reduced fluid.

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After having a stretch and sweep by both her doctor and later that day by a close friend who was also a midwife, Amelia’s labour failed to begin. The next day she had her waters broken by her doctor and her contractions came on hard and fast. Amelia had an epidural when she reached 6cm and then ended up having an episiotomy and vacuum delivery as both her and Alfie became distressed and unwell towards the end of the labour.

During her second pregnancy with daughter Essie, Amelia discovered Essie was breech at 28 weeks. Despite trying every recommended trick to turn her, acupuncture, moxibustion, and osteopathy, Essie failed to move. At 36 weeks Amelia had an External Cephalic Version (ECV) which managed to finally rotate Essie. It was during this procedure that they discovered that once again Amelia had reduced fluid surrounding the baby.

To hear more about Essie’s delivery including how Amelia’s husband crashed their new car before delivery, tune into the show….

Topics Discussed

Reduced fetal movement, Reduced fluid, Moxibustion, External cephalic version, Sleep school, Manual placenta removal, Irritable uterus, Vacuum delivery, Retained placenta, Midwife, Acupuncture, Breastfeeding, Episiotomy, Epidural

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