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Episode 34

Adele Barbaro

In today’s episode, I interview Adele Barbaro (The Real Mumma). Adele shares her struggles in falling pregnant with her first child Harvey. Adele suffers from endometriosis and had a procedure to remove scar tissue to help create a more favorable environment for an embryonic transfer through IVF. During Harvey's delivery Adele’s labour failed to progress despite induction medication being given and she delivered Harvey via a cesarean section.

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Adele went on to conceive Chloe naturally to her and Paul’s great surprise. Adele wanted to try for a VBAC with Chloe and she shares that although she was able to have the VBAC she had wished for she suffered a clitoral tear from her vaginal delivery. She recalls talking to her doctor a few weeks after Chloe’s delivery and saying she wishes she had just booked in for another cesarean. To hear more of Adele’s story tune in this week’s show.


To connect with Adele head to her page here

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