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Episode 19


In this weeks episode Bridget discusses the births of her two boys. Bridget had both her children under the care of a private Obstetrician. She discusses how she came to this decision based on a family history of Preeclampsia. Bridget shares how her mum died and was resuscitated in the end stages of her first pregnancy due to preeclampsia and her baby was delivered by caesarian whilst she was in a coma. Bridget thankfully showed no signs of pre eclampsia in both pregnancies.

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Bridget’s first labour started with her waters breaking at home in bed and she later delivered after over two hours of intense pushing. This pushing phase resulted in Bridget ‘seeing stars’ in her left eye. This raised immediate concerns with the nurses and her doctor and she was rushed off for an emergency MRI to rule out the possibility of a small stroke during her labour. Thankfully it was, in fact, a burst blood vessel from the strain of pushing.

In Bridget’s second labour she was induced at 40 weeks as the baby was very low and she was in quite a bit of pain in her hips and was finding walking very difficult. Her doctor agreed that inducing her at full term was the best course of action and her labour progresses very quickly and resulted in a much shorter pushing phase and she was blessed with another very healthy baby boy.

Bridget also shares with us the conception of Midnight Mums Facebook group which she is the founder of. The group was started when Bridget was living interstate and away from her family with a new baby. She was contacting a school friend online in the middle of the night and they were supporting each other through this often lonely journey of night feeds. Five years later the group now has over 80,000 members from right across Australia and the world. Tune in to the podcast to hear more details.

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