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Episode 16

Sophie Cachia

In today’s episode, I interview Sophie Cachia, The Young Mummy) about her two births. Sophie was diagnosed with the poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 17 and she was told it was likely she would have a lot of trouble conceiving. Sophie started acupuncture to try and regulate her menstrual cycle when she decided she wanted to try for a baby and she was successful in her first few months of trying. 

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She suffered chronic morning sickness in Bobby’s pregnancy and ended up taking prescription medication to help ease the discomfort. Throughout the pregnancy, Bobby measured weeks ahead in fondul height measurements. Sophie’s obstetrician at Frances Perry House in Melbourne advised her he wanted to induce her at 38 weeks to ensure the baby didn’t get too big. Sophie was given gell to induce her however they discovered she was already 3cm dilated so labour began quickly. After 26 hours of labour Sophie’s waters were broken and she pushed for over 4 hours. The prolonged pushing stage and the fact that Bobby’s shoulders got stuck resulted in Sophie needing an episiotomy and she also got an anal fissure. The fissure was so significant that Sophie had to under go surgery to repair it 6 months after the birth.

Falling pregnant with Florence proved to be quite difficult for Sophie and after eight disappointing months of trying Sophie’s obstetrician decided it would be best for her to start Clomid to help her ovulate more regularly. Luckily for Sophie, she fell pregnant before the IVF process was needed. Sophie discusses announcing her pregnancy to her social media fans at 9 weeks, the differences between public and private care, challenges in epidural placement and much more. Tune in to hear the full story.

Topics Discussed

Epidural, Episiotomy, Induced labour, PCOS, Two births



Elsa Campbell Photography

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