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Episode 131

Megan Gale

In today’s podcast episode, I interview Megan Gale. Megan shares the births of her son River and her daughter Rosie. She delivered both her babies under the care of Private Obstetrician Dr. Len Kilman at the Epworth Hospital. Megan tried for several months to conceive her first baby. She admitted that busy work schedules between both her and her husband restricted their opportunity to try so after a few months they got serious about prioritising their fertile window and conceived their little boy River. Megan generally felt well during her pregnancy despite morning sickness in the first trimester. She had a private class with the well-renowned birth educator Juju Sundin (author of the Birth Skills), and she felt prepared to have an active labour. To hear more about Megan’s pregnancies, her miscarriage and life juggling work and two beautiful babies tune into this week’s episode.

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Topics Discussed

Two Vaginal Births with Private Obstetrician in Melbourne

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