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Episode 6


In this week's episode, Cara shares the story of her son Banjo's birth at Frances Perry Private Hospital in Melbourne. After labouring at home for two days Cara went into hospital to find that the baby was in a posterior position. Cara had her waters broken by her midwife in an attempt to help progress the labour however the baby failed to rotate. After using Gas and Air and then having an epidural, Cara's baby boy was delivered by an emergency caesarean section.

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Image by Niki Platis

Cara discusses taking Calm Birth classes as well as Preggie Bellies exercise classes and how she kept very healthy drinking fruit and vegetable drinks throughout her pregnancy.  Cara also discusses the challenges of breastfeeding, post part blues and severe constipation that required her to return to hospital on day five after delivering Banjo. This episode will make you cry for all the right reasons. A must listen.

Topics Discussed

Frances Perry Private Hospital, Long posterior labour, Caesarean section

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