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Episode 59

Kirsty Chandler

In this week’s episode, I interview Kirsty Chandler. Kirsty fell pregnant in her second month of actively trying to conceive. She spent the lead up preparing her body by cutting out alcohol and caffeine and saw a variety of healthcare providers such as acupuncturists and chiropractors to prepare her body for pregnancy.  Kirsty was very careful in searching for the right care provider for her pregnancy and birth. She interviewed both the midwives at her local Gold Coast hospital as well as the private midwives which worked a short distance from her house. She decided to employ a private midwife for her care. Kirsty also took Hypnobithing classes to prepare for the drug-free water birth she intended to have.

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Kirsty laboured at home and spent much of her time on the toilet where her waters went. Her private midwife came to her house to monitor her and see how labour was progressing and she advised she had time to make the journey to the hospital to get into the birth pool there. Kirsty was very well prepared for her labor. She wore an eye mask and had her hypnobirthing Australia track- rainbow relaxation playing in her earphones as she made the journey to the hospital. This helped her to block out any external influences and allowed her to stay focuses on her breathing.

Topics Discussed

Positive hypnobirth in water, Private midwife


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