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Episode 57

Jules Coffey

In today’s episode, I interview Jules Coffey. Jules shares her two pregnancies and births from the perspective of a trained doula. Despite always wanting to be pregnant and have children, Jules didn’t enjoy her first pregnancy. She was sick almost immediately, just ten days after conception.  Jules was also affected by costochondritis and her colon doubled in size making her feel very unwell. At 19 weeks pregnant Jules and her partner got married and on their honeymoon, she developed a bladder infection. All of these ailments combined had Jules wishing away her pregnancy. 

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Image by Ashleigh Jane Birth Photography

Towards the end of Jules’ pregnancy, her growth scans showed she was measuring 3 weeks behind in size and she was also admitted to hospital suffering from sciatica. At 37 weeks she had a stretch and sweep to help try and initiate labor. She then went on to have cervical inserted to which she had an allergic reaction which led to her having an overstimulated uterus. To hear more of how Jules’ first and second labors went tune into this week’s show.

Topics Discussed

Hyperemsis Gravidarum, Two vaginal deliveries, Doula, Breastfeeding challenges

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