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Episode 463

Courtney – GP shared care, NIPT, Down Syndrome, heart surgery

In episode 463 Midwife Courtney shares with us her two pregnancy and birth experiences. Courtney lives in rural Victoria and chose to go through GP-shared care for her first pregnancy. Courtney admits that she found her midwifery knowledge contributed to her anxiety during both her pregnancies. Her first pregnancy was relatively smooth and she expected her second to be much the same. Despite several risk factors showing up in her second pregnancy with Maggie, it wasn't until Maggie was 5 days old that it was confirmed she has Down Syndrome.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • screening for genetic conditions
  • combined screening
  • NIPT test
  • maternal assisted caesarean
  • midwifery care
  • Low Papp A

Topics Discussed

Down syndrome, GP shared care, heart surgery, Maternal-Assisted Caesarean, NIPT, Two births

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