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Episode 461

Sophie – fraternal twins, positive induction, vaginal breech birth twin B

Sophie shares with us the birth of her son Liam and her twins Hannah and Louis. After getting married in 2020 Sophie and her husband felt ready to try and grow their family and they were fortunate to conceive shortly after beginning to try. They were living on the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria during Liam's pregnancy and they went under shared care with her GP and saw a midwife for his birth through the local public hospital in Frankston.

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When Sophie conceived twins she was living back in Western Australia. She went through the public health system once again however she hired an endorsed midwife. 40.3 her waters went at home nothing happened overnight so she presented to the hospital for an assessment and after 24hrs when contractions hadn’t begun on their own they were a little bit concerned about cord prolapse. Induction started at 11am and they quickly ramped up. She was able to stay active with wireless monitoring.

Other topics covered:

  • Positive Induction
  • Posterior labour
  • Sterile water injections
  • Fraternal twins
  • Breech twin B birth
  • Tandem breastfeeding twins

Topics Discussed

Fraternal twins, Positive induction, Shared care, Two births, vaginal breech birth twin B

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