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Episode 460

Gemma – two births, endometriosis, Sotos Syndrome, in utero blood transfusion, caesarean, private care

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Gemma who shares with us her two very different and uniquely challenging pregnancies of her son Max and her daughter Ava. During Max’s pregnancy, everything appeared to be running smoothly in his growth and development however the Obstetrician did note that Max’s head was measuring slightly larger than average. It wasn't until Max was born that they were able to diagnose him as having Soto’s Syndrome. Gemma shares her initial shock of learning about this very rare syndrome whilst she was pregnant with her second child. Gemma’s second pregnancy became more complex when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Ava and they discovered in her routine blood test that she had a very high reading of antibodies. Ava required two blood transfusions in utero during the pregnancy however she has since made a full recovery.

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Topics Discussed

Endometriosis, two pregnancies

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