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Episode 453

Niki – physiological home births, yoga teacher, breathing techniques

In today’s episode, Niki shares her two incredibly positive home birth stories of her daughter Elsa and her son Nils. Niki is Swedish and Thai and lives with her Australian husband in Kho Samui where they teach Yoga to both practitioners and Yogis. Niki always knew she wanted to have her babies at home. In Thailand, it is illegal to have a home birth. This prompted Niki and her husband to decide to return to their family in Melbourne to pursue her home-birth dream. Nik shares the challenges of morning sickness in both pregnancies, the changes in her yoga practice, and the impact of pregnancy on her physical and emotional well-being.

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During Nik’s first pregnancy with Elsa, she faced the added complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic, describing the uncertainty and challenges she faced when deciding to leave Thailand and return to Australia to prepare for her birth.

With the support of Mama Midwives in both births, Niki had two incredibly positive physiological home births in her parents-in-law’s apartment in Collingwood. This episode is so inspiring I know you’re going to love it.

Topics covered:
– home birth
– physiological birth
– pregnancy yoga practices
– meditation and breathing exercises for birth
– morning sickness
– miscarriage

You can connect with Niki at Niki Maria Helena or Sandana Yoga and Vikasa Yoga Retreat

Topics Discussed

Breathing Techniques, Two Physiological Home Births, Yoga Teacher

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