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Episode 380

Sue Croft

This episode is a must-listen for all mothers, regardless of when and how you birthed. I chat to highly regarded women’s health physiotherapist, Sue Croft, who explains what happens to the pelvic floor in pregnancy and how we can best navigate weakness and prolapse after birth. She reiterates that prolapse is not a devastating diagnosis and encourages us to access guidance from a women’s health physio, find perspective and actively separate our anxiety from our physical symptoms. I also speak openly about my own prolapse and the physical and emotional journey I’ve been on for the past nine years. I gained so much comfort and knowledge from Sue and I hope the information shared provides you with more pelvic floor awareness.

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Sue discusses: 

  • pelvic floor muscles are capable of being rehabilitated 
  • bladder issues are driven by habit, not only pelvic floor weakness 
  • hormones encourage the muscles to stretch in preparation for birth
  • age does affect the recovery of the pelvic floor 
  • risk factors for prolapse 
  • spontaneous improvement is possible 
  • breastfeeding affects the tone of vaginal tissue 
  • prolapse isn’t a devastating diagnosis 
  • the younger you have pelvic floor surgery, the more likely it is to fail 
  • only 15% of women will need surgery 
  • how to access women’s health physio through the private or public system 

Topics Discussed

Pelvic floor, pelvic floor physiotherapist, Pelvic instability, Physiotherapist, Women’s health physio

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