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Episode 378

Julia Jones

In this episode, I interview Julia Jones of Newborn Mothers, who has been training postpartum professionals for over 10 years. In her calm manner, Julia takes us through the intricacies of the fourth trimester and shares inspiring insights into the new mother’s brain and the fluctuation of hormones. She also explains intuition and emphasises that we don’t automatically know how to mother; it is something we learn every day from birth.

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Julia discusses:

  • how we’re starting to understand postpartum
  • postpartum in traditional cultures
  • oxytocin as a social learning hormone
  • planning and preparing for the fourth trimester
  • preparing to breastfeed
  • the importance of understanding what’s normal in postpartum
  • building social connections
  • reaching out for support
  • brain and hormonal changes
  • respecting the physical recovery that occurs in the first 6 weeks
  • intuition as a learned response

You can connect with Julia over at New Born Mothers. Newborn Mothers leads Postpartum Education and Care Professional training which is the most comprehensive course for professionals on postpartum care in the world. The training provides world-leading and evidence-based postnatal education, teaching people how to provide practical, emotional and informational support to new families.

Topics Discussed

fourth trimester, period underwear, Postpartum

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