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Episode 143


In today’s episode I interview Renee. After trying to conceive for two years Renee and her husband went through IVF to conceive their first son. After a stressful two years of trying to conceive, Renee felt nervous throughout her pregnancy. Her son Beau was in a breech position and Renee’s doctor recommended she have an elective caesarean. When Renee was being prepped for her caesarean, they discovered that the spinal block had failed and she could still feel everything. Eventually, they were able to give her a high dose of epidural. Renee shares with us how she went on to conceive her second son naturally without the need for IVF assistance, and she went on to deliver him vaginally. Devastatingly, earlier this year Renee’s daughter was Still Born, and she opens up about Elodie’s birth and how she and her boys are all working through their grief.

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Topics Discussed

Three births IVF, Stillborn baby, Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), Breech, Caesarean

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