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Episode 138

Hana Taninaka

In today’s episode, I interview Hana. Hana shares her most recent birth of her twin girls, Mika and Bobby. While camping and traveling up the coast with her sister, Hana discovered she was pregnant. At the time, she didn’t feel quite ready for a third child having a 4-year-old and 2 year old, and she worried about how she would cope. It wasn’t until Hana was 13 weeks pregnant, and she had her first ultrasound that she discovered she was, in fact, having twins. When the shock of twins settled down, Hana began seeing a private obstetrician who worked out of Lismore Hospital. After having a home birth with her first son in Sydney and her second a home birth in Byron, Hana was determined to have a low intervention birth with her girls.

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Hana was able to successfully give birth to both her girls vaginally without an epidural. To hear Hana’s full story including how she had her sister Mia Taninaka and her best friend Aimee Winchester present at her birth with their babies and how they expressed milk for Bobby, tune into this weeks beautiful episode.

Topics Discussed

Vaginal twin birth, Breech delivery, Drug Free


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