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Episode 139


In this week’s episode, I interview Laura Callea a women’s health physiotherapist. Laura shares her two birth experiences. With a wealth of experience behind her working with pregnant and postnatal women, Laura went into her first birth open minded. After being induced in her first labour, Laura’s cervix did not respond to the induction process and she ended up having an emergency caesarean. Second time around Laura spent her second pregnancy preparing for a Vaginal birth after a Caesarean or a term she prefers, TOLAC ,Trial of labor after cesarean. To hear what unfolded in Laura’s second labour, tune into this week’s show.

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Topics Discussed

Physiotherapist, Women’s health physiotherapist, Hypnobirthing Australia, Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), Spurious labour, Pelvic floor, Induction, Caesarean


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