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Episode 126


Heidi had been on the pill for ten years, and a friend had said it could take months to regulate your cycle after the contraceptive pill, so Heidi decided to come off the pill to prepare herself to hopefully conceive in a year or two. After waiting eighteen months, seeing an acupuncturist and modifying her diet, Heidi’s cycle still had not returned. She decided to go and see an Obgyn who ran several tests and explained that she was most likely suffering from hypothalamic amenorrhea. Heidi continued to see her acupuncturist, and she began taking Clomid to help regulate her cycle. To hear more about Heidi’s journey, tune into this week's show.

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Nurturing Your New Life Heidi Sze – for pre-ordering and the discount code for a further 10% off is NURTURE10.

No Period Now What : A Guide to Regaining Your Cycles and Improving Your Fertility by Nicola J Rinaldi

Ina May Gaskin Guide to Child Birth and Spiritual Midwifery

The Mindful Dietician Fiona Sutherland

Topics Discussed

Hypothalamic amenorrhea, breech vaginal delivery, Chemical pregnancy, Clomid, Miscarriage


Melbourne based Midwife Amberley Harris (@maternalinstinctsbyamberley) is running a crowdfunding campaign this month to create a Breastfeeding Documentary. The sole intention of the documentary is to improve global breastfeeding statistics.  If this project resonates with you, you may like to support it click HERE

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