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In today’s episode, I interview Brigitte Warne. After getting married Brigitte came off the pill, which she had been taking for many years in an effort to try and conceive. Shortly after coming off the contraceptive pill she began to feel extremely unwell and suffered from cystic acne, had hair loss and a generally felt shocking. After seeing her GP several times to try and work out what was wrong, Brigitte eventually discovered she had PCOS. She immediately began researching PCOS and she made a number of different food and lifestyle choices to try and balance her hormones as best she could. To hear more about how Brigitte got her periods back and then conceived Flynn after coming to terms with the fact that she may not carry a child, tune into this weeks show.

Topics Discussed

Breastfeeding, Midwifery care, Nipple shield, PCOS, The pill


To connect with Brigitte and her find out more about PCOS to Wellness, her blog and Cysterhood Tea click here: PCOS to Wellness

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