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Episode 104


In today’s episode I interview Ariane. Ariane shares how she conceived quite quickly after years of being on the pill. She was fortunate to find a spot at the Royal Womens Hospital in Randwick through their Midwifery Group Practice. Ariane took a Calm Birth course, read Ina May Gaskin’s books on natural child birth and prepared herself as best she could for a drug and intervention free birth.

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Care drug free waterbirth

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In addition to her appointments, Amberley is working hard to modernise the breastfeeding resources available to new mothers these days, having launched her own 4-part Breastfeeding Education Video Series. Amberley has also started a 662 movement which you can lean more about on her social media channels to improve global breastfeeding statistics and is a passionate philanthropist and supporter of Unicef.

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