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Episode 106

Libby Trickett

In today’s episode, I interview Libby Trickett. Libby fell pregnant quite quickly after deciding to try.  At 7 weeks she had a dating scan to check where she heard the heartbeat. She saw her Obstetrician for her initial intake appointment at 9 weeks and sadly the baby had passed away at 8 weeks.

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When she discovered she was pregnant for the second time with Poppy she decided to announce the pregnancy to friends and family much earlier. She hadn’t told anyone she was pregnant the first time around and she found it very challenging having to announce she had been pregnant but she was now having a miscarriage so she wanted to do things differently this time around.

Libby shares she “doesn’t do pregnancy well” She had morning sickness and a myriad of other ailments such as fluid retention and carpal tunnel syndrome which made both her pregnancies very uncomfortable.  At 37 weeks Libby began to experience flashing lights and stars in her vision and she went into the hospital and she was induced at 38 weeks due to gestational hypertension.

Topics Discussed

Two induced births, Gestational hypertension, PND

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