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Topics Discussed

Emergency caesarean, Pre-eclampsia, Single parent, Tinder surprise baby

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In today’s episode, Renae openly shares going through pregnancy and raising her little ‘Tinder Surprise’ baby Avery, as a single parent. Renae had hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) throughout the pregnancy which required medication. She also discovered at 37 weeks that she had pre-eclampsia. The swelling symptoms of pre-eclampsia coupled with living in another state from her immediate family made for an uncomfortable pregnancy which Renae didn’t enjoy. After receiving test results back from the lab Renae’s private obstetrician rang her when she was 37 weeks and told her to leave work and come into the hospital as soon as possible. Avery was born by caesarean section the next day after her pre eclampsia became dangerous for both Renae and her baby.

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