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How To Hire A Doula

How to Interview a Doula

I never chose to have a doula to support me during my pregnancies or births but I’ve been thinking a lot about them since I attended my sister Hilary’s birth. Being in the birth space as a support person is emotionally charged and physically draining; I was so grateful that my brother-in-law was there (and vice versa), especially when Hilary was deep in active labour and overwhelmed by the intensity of her contractions. I admit, there were times when I found the experience quite upsetting, even though I know so much about labour, I knew she was safe and that she was doing her best work to birth her baby.

If you’re considering having a doula at your birth it’s recommended that you work with a trained professional who respects and supports your birth intentions and is open to meeting regularly throughout your pregnancy so you can form a trusted relationship.

An initial meeting is often the first step and an opportunity for you to ask some crucial questions and essentially work out if you have a connection with your doula. Not sure what to ask? Use these questions as a guide:

Questions to ask a Doula in an Interview

  • Why did you become a doula?
  • What formal training have you completed?
  • How many births have you attended?
  • Do you have experience in the hospital system?
  • Are you willing to support my birth preferences even if you don’t agree with them?
  • How will you advocate for me in an emergency situation?
  • How will you support my partner in the birth space?
  • Do you offer any birth education as part of your service?
  • Will you help me write a birth plan?
  • Will you offer me support after birth and during postpartum?
  • How many women have you booked for the month I’m due?

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