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Episode 99

Elayna and Riley

In today’s episode I interview Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum. Elayna and Riley have been sailing around the world on their yacht La Vagabonde and decided to try for a baby whilst they were sailing in the Caribbean. They were very fortunate to fall pregnant in their first month of trying to conceive. Living aboard the boat meant that they had ultrasounds and blood tests at a variety of different places throughout the Caribbean and the US. The decided they would return to Australia to have the little boy and they hired a private midwife in Adelaide to oversee their care. Elayna shares how she had Skype consultations with her midwife Claire and she felt very comfortable with her choice to have a home birth when they returnd. Flying home at 32 weeks pregnant, Elayna took a Hypnobirthing course and bought a birth pool in preparation to have their baby in the Airbnb they were staying in. To hear more about their labour unfolded, tune into this week's show.

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Topics Discussed

Pregnancy on a yacht, Hypnobirth, Home birth


Connect with Elayna and Riley’s journey here:  Sailing La Vagabonde

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