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Episode 96

Krissy Ropiha

In today’s episode I interview Krissy Ropiha. Krissy shares her three pregnancies and births. She initially struggled to conceive due to Polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and she sought out fertility treatment. With the help of Clomid Krissy was able to conceive her first son.  Krissy had both her first two children through the private system and then decided to change things up for her third birth. She took a Hypnobirth Australian class - Belly2Birth on the Gold Coast, and had a lovely relaxed water birth.

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To hear more and to learn how Krissy’s youngest was rushed to hospital with a Urinary Tract infection at 7 weeks, tune into this weeks show.

Topics Discussed

Hypnobirth, PCOS, Three births

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