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Episode 81

Lizzy Williamson

In today’s episode, I interview Lizzy Williamson. Lizzy fell pregnant really quickly after deciding to try and found out she was pregnant when holidaying in Paris. Lizzy enjoyed embracing her changing body after years of being body conscious as a dancer. She embraced yoga and really enjoyed her pregnancy.

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Lizzy joined the birth center in Randwick and envisaged a water birth for her first birth experience. Lizzy was nearly 42 weeks when her labour started and she managed her contractions at home for most of the day. When her husband left the room to call the midwife, Lizzy suddenly felt the urge to push and she delivered her own baby completely unexpectedly onto some towels she had thrown under herself at the last minute. To hear more of Lizzy’s story tune into this weeks episode.

Topics Discussed

Postnatal anxiety and depression, Accidental home birth


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