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Episode 54

Bohannah Gerritsen

In today’s episode, I interview Bo Gerritsen. Boh was busy planning her wedding at the age of twenty-four when she found out she was unexpectedly pregnant with her daughter Indiana. Despite being a strong believer in home births, Bo felt unprepared so she decided to have her first daughter through the public hospital in Perth. Bo suffered morning sickness for her entire pregnancy with Indiana and got quite used to the routine of throwing up each morning and then feeling better by the afternoon.

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Image by Cat Fancote – Capturing Birth

Bo went into labour the morning after her birthday. She’d felt upset and emotional throughout her birthday so in hindsight she thinks it was a sign that labour was about to start. Her labour began with cramping however as it was five days until her due date she didn’t think it was the early signs of labour. She spent the best part of that day labouring in her bath at home and she accepted that she was having contractions when they became more regular and were timeable. At 6 pm she made her way to the hospital to find out she was 3cm dilated…..

Tune into this weeks episode to hear more about Indian’s labour and how Bo’s partner passed out in the hospital room heat and due to the pressure of holding Bo up while she was pushing on the birth stool.

Topics Discussed

Two home water births, Hospital birth, Three births


To follow Bo’s beautiful family online you can find them here: The Simple Folk

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