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Episode 45

Tulsi McLean

Tulsi was trying for about 6 months to conceive Henry. After being on the pill for a long time it took a little while for her cycles to return to normal and regulate. Tusli was regularly testing each month but she feels as if she knew the moment after she had conceived Henry.  During her pregnancy, Tulsi’s husband was offered a job in a small country town 700km west of Brisbane. The only facilities available was a small hospital that didn't offer epidurals or caesareans so she was focusing on having a natural drug free birth.

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At 39 plus 3, Tusli was very scared of needing to be induced and going overdue. She woke in the night to go to the toilet and as she was on the toilet her waters wet. Her husband shot out of bed, adrenaline pumping. They called the midwife who was going to need to go in and open the hospital, as she was the only staff member on duty. She told them to make their way in. Tulsi laughs as she remembers taking a long time deciding what to wear to the hospital. After her first contraction came Tusli’s contractions came on hard and fast. She labored most of the time leaning over a sink swaying with a heat pack on her back. At 7 am Tusli said she felt pressure and wanted to go to the toilet. The midwife thought it was very unlikely she would be ready to push as it was her first baby and she had only been in the hospital for 4 hours. Tulsi husband pleaded with the midwife to check her again and they were all surprised to find she was ready. She was 8cm and by 730am Henry was born.

When Tusli was 40weeks plus 5 with her second baby Pippy, her son’s kinder called and said he was complaining of terrible stomach pains. She picked him up and took him straight to the hospital to get him checked over. Curled up in pain they made a number of checks and after two hours he suddenly went straight back to normal. As they packed up to head home Tusli’s made a quick stop to go to the toilet and her waters broke. She walked herself up the stairs to the maternity ward and began contracting with strong contractions with her son Henry still present. To hear how Pippi’s delivery went tune into this weeks episode

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