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Episode 43

Amber Spears

In today’s episode I interview Amber. At 23 years of age, Amber started having hot flushes and she went to the doctors who said it was most probably a viral infection. It could be pre-menopause. A few weeks later Amber was continuing to get up to 20 hot flushes a day. The doctors ran blood tests her SFH levels were at 75 extremely high. The sent her to a gynecologist who found she had cysts on her ovaries then she started on Clomid for 6mths. In that 6mths she only ovulated once. The side effects - depressed and upset wanted to leave her partner. She came off Clomid and she started acupuncture. Her Acupuncturist was able to get Amber to ovulate once, however, she was then referred to Lynn Bermister the head specialist at Monash IVF. She went into to find her cysts had grown back and her eggs were no longer function.

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The first 2 IVF cycles she didn’t  produce any of her own follicles. After 6 mths of going back and forth, she decided to use her sister’s eggs. Her sister underwent counseling and began taking hormones to help her ovulate and regulate her cycles. Her sister was 23 and passed all the intense counseling so they began the process.

After the first failed IVF transfer using Amber’s sister’s donated egg, Amber took three months break from trying to regroup mentally and emotionally. The weekend of her sister’s egg collection was near Easter so she did an easter egg hunt around the house and it turned out Amber collected 13 chocolate easter eggs. To hear how Ambers pregnancy went and her delivery tune into this weeks episode.

Topics Discussed

Twins with donated eggs from her sister, IVF

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