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Episode 399

Public and Private Pregnancy Care Options and Costs

We all know babies are expensive but how much does pregnancy, birth and parenthood actually cost? I’ve joined forces with Bank Australia, a customer-owned ethical bank and a certified B Corp, to make pregnancy finances less overwhelming. In this 5-part mini series I take you from preconception to postpartum with health and finance professionals who outline everything you need to know about fertility treatment, maternity leave, birth options, childcare and budgeting for a baby.

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Understanding your care options and working out what you want in pregnancy can be tricky, especially if you’re in the first trimester and overwhelmed with fatigue and nausea. In this episode I delve into your private maternity care options by exploring the costs of obstetric care in a private hospital and private midwifery care in either a public hospital, birth centre or in your home. Dr Natalie Elphinstone (along with her Practice Manager and husband, Michael) discusses the often complex health insurance rebates while Liz Wilkes, Managing Director at My Midwives, explains all the options and costs of private midwifery care.


Natalie and Michael discuss: 

  • obstetric health insurance strict waiting periods
  • out of pocket costs of private obstetric care even when you’re insured 
  • the varying rebates of the 90 different health insurers in Australia 
  • continuity of care as the safest care model for pregnant women 
  • postnatal care in the private hospital system 
  • What to expect from private obstetric pregnancy appointments

Liz discusses: 

  • how a private midwife can support you 
  • private midwives in the hospital system
  • tailoring costs to suit your needs 
  • the benefits of continuity of care for safer pregnancy and birth outcomes
  • private midwifery after birth trauma 
  • rebates available for antenatal and postnatal care 

Topics Discussed

antenatal care, Birth trauma, Continuity of care, obstetric health insurance, obstetric pregnancy appointments, postnatal care, pregnant women, Private midwife, private obstetric care

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