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Episode 384

Dr Sophie Brock

Motherhood sociology isn’t a common career but for Dr Sophie Brock, it’s an area of study that provides so many answers to the modern motherhood experience. Sophie really breaks down the difference between being a mother, the act of mothering, and the culture of motherhood which allows us to separate our personal experience from the expectations of the society we live in. She also dives into the perfect mother myth, the care/career conundrum and maternal guilt. This is a brilliant episode to unpack the world in which we mother in and a rousing encouragement to figure out what you care about, let go of your guilt and foster compassion for ourselves and other mothers in our community.

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Sophie discusses: 

  • the difference between mother, mothering and motherhood 
  • the ‘perfect mother’ myth
  • reclaiming our own motherhood experience
  • the care/career conundrum 
  • the challenge of motherhood is a social problem, not an individual one 
  • maternal guilt sustains the perfect mother myth
  • practical steps to let go of guilt and foster compassion 
  • the more children you have, the less guilt you feel
  • practical steps to better understanding what a ‘good’ mother is 
  • the anger/guilt trap 

You can connect with Dr Sophie Brock here and you can find her podcast The Good Enough Mother over here

Topics Discussed

Maternal anxiety, motherhood, mothering, Postpartum, Postpartum anxiety

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