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Episode 382

Yara Heary

If you feel like you need practical mindset tools to navigate the challenges of motherhood, you’ll love this episode with psychologist Yara Heary. She emphasises the fact that we can always repair the ruptures we’ve created - whether that’s in our relationships or our mothering - and reiterates that there’s a profound power, for us and our children, when we say sorry. She also highlights the importance of recognising and fulfilling your hierarchy of needs, creating boundaries for yourself and embracing a beginner mindset. I gained so many insights from Yara and felt so confident moving forward in my mothering and my marriage after chatting with her. I feel like this is an episode you’ll want to return to every few months for guidance.

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Yara discusses:

  • Figuring out your postpartum priorities
  • Planning for postpartum to meet our needs
  • Creating boundaries
  • Protecting your partnership in early postpartum
  • Steps to managing your inner critic
  • Embracing a beginner mindset
  • The hierarchy of needs
  • The inevitability of anger and rage
  • The power of saying sorry

Yara is a Perth psychologist, motherhood coach, podcast host, and sought-after speaker who works exclusively with women throughout conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. Yara started Life After Birth following the birth of her first son which started her on yet another journey of self-rediscovery. Her experiences throughout early motherhood drew her to support other women as they navigate their own family of origin dynamics, the social programming of the “good mother”, relationship changes with those around them, identity shifts, and role changes to find their place of balance and authenticity as mothers. You can download Yara’s free guide to understanding and working with your Inner Critic here

Topics Discussed

boundaries, hierarchy of needs, inner critic, mindset, Postpartum, postpartum priorities

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