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Episode 38

Jasmyne Summerfield

In today’s episode, I interview Jasmyne Summerfield. Jasmyne shares her three very different pregnancies and births. Jasmyne is a midwife and discusses a variety of issues such as severe reflux, food allergies,  tongue ties, and her most recent birth of Caris, who was delivered by her mother in the car on the way to the hospital.

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Image by Belle Verdiglione Photography

Jasmyne was able to use her midwifery knowledge to know that Quinn was posterior during the end stages of her pregnancy and she, therefore, kept very active when her labour began. After labouring at home for some time she got into the bath at the birth center. After having three strong contractions in the bath, Jasmyne wanted to get out as she wasn’t comfortable in the water and she fainted just after getting out. In hindsight, she believes she fainted as she was in transition. Despite feeling the urge to push Jasmyne was keen to transfer from the birth center into the hospital next door to get an epidural as the pain from her posterior labour was quite over whelming. After her epidural was in place she was able to get some rest and regroup. After pushing for 2 hours, Jas was able to deliver Quinn unassisted.

During Theo’s labour Jas was in denial about being in active labour and she stayed at home for the majority of her contractions. After arriving at the birth center, her waters broke in the shower and she made the transition into the bath. After just one contraction in the bath and his head was born, a small amount of meconium was detected in the water. As meconium was discovered Jas’ midwife called the pediatrician so that she could check on Theo’s his breathing once he was delivered.  Theo was checked quickly and found to be perfect so he was returned to Jas very quickly after delivery.

To hear how Jasmyne delivered her third baby Caris in the car with the help of her husband and mother tune into the podcast interview.

Topics Discussed

Car delivery by grandma, Midwife mother, Three births


To connect with Jasmyne on Instagram: Chasingthesummerfields

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