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Episode 31

Tash Strudwick

In Today’s episode I interview Tash about her three pregnancies and births. Tash had her first baby at Wangaratta hospital in rural Victoria. After a long posterior labour her first birth ended in an emergency C-Section. After the birth of her daughter Dempsey, Tash went on to fall pregnant with her second daughter when Dempsey was 9 months old. She had moved to Eltham from the county during this time and began seeing a GP through shared care with the Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg. Despite having healthy test results and scans at 20 weeks, Tash began to feel very unwell at 23 weeks and she went into premature labour. Her baby was born sleeping a few hours later. 

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Tash shares very courageously her journey of delivering her stillborn daughter and how she processed her grief after such a tragic unexpected loss. Tash went on to try for another baby a couple of years later and takes us through the stress and anxiety of her third pregnancy. After much deliberation Tash decided,  with the support of the Mercy staff, that she would have her little boy via elective c-section. This is a very powerful and emotional episode and I am incredibly grateful that Tash approached me wanting to share her stories. Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia

Topics Discussed

Stillborn baby, Prenatal anxiety, Posterior labour, TENS machine, water injections, Preterm labour, Rainbow baby, Elective caesarean, Emergency caesarean

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